"At 93 years old, it is not easy to leave your home of many years. The folks at Mark Twain offered me a sweet little apartment which is the next best thing to my home. The staff allow me to be independent but are there for me when I need them. I feel secure and can enjoy my life."
- Mrs. Bernice Bliefnick, Resident
"My idea of an old folks home was a place you go to just sit around and watch paint dry. That’s not what they do at Mark Twain! I love the activity here. I’m not much on doing those crafts but I’m first in line for the dancing and refreshments. Bingo for quarters isn’t bad. It helps pay the rent. I love to go on their bus for activities they plan for us. Can’t wait for what’s next!"
- David Slay, Resident
"I was in a skilled nursing home receiving physical therapy when my therapist suggested I could qualify for assisted living. I looked at some local facilities and chose Mark Twain Assisted Living for their added services. They assisted me to find added financial resources to pay the rent. It has been a wonderful place to live. Now I am looking forward to moving into the Mark Twain Apartments which is independent living with many services."
- Roy Hammons, Resident
"Every time we visited Mom we would worry about her not eating right, taking her medications or taking a bath to name a few tasks. Mark Twain was the best answer for her. They help her with all those things and more. Now, visiting Mom is a pleasant experience we all look forward to."
- Sandy Strohmeyer and Mary Wilcox, daughters.
   Jim Versluis, son of Lyda Versluis, Resident
"Thank you all so very much for taking such great care of our grandmother Mrs. Phyllis Hunt. She loved her time at Mark Twain and you all certainly helped improve her quality of life while she was there."
- The Hunts and The Blackwells,
   Family of Phyllis Hunt
"Hello, my name is Doug Lankford. I’ve lived in Moberly all my life and know most of the folks here. And I’m pretty sure most of them know me. Mark Twain has been my home since 2005. I have met some really good people here. I have enjoyed life because the people who work and own Mark Twain really care about all of us. They know what means a lot to us and they try to make it happen. I look forward to many more happy years."
- Doug, Resident